Balmoral Hall School



Strategy (by UpHouse)

Established in 1901, Balmoral Hall School is the only daycare-to-Grade 12 girls boarding school that offers a STEAM education beyond the classroom for doers and dreamers and their families in Western Canada and around the world who want to be bold in a world that tries to hold them back.

Prior to starting this rebrand, there were a several major challenges that had to be recognized. As a school, they had to overcome the old fashioned expectations of a girls’ school; the expectation for girls to be humble and quiet; preparing girls for an uncertain future; even family pressure.

But these challenges were no problem for them, just as their motto predicted—Meliora Petes (Seeking Better Things).


The Identity

Described as a "multidimensional" company because of their wide variety of service offerings, I created an identity with the feeling of multidimensionality.

In it's simplest form, it's a 2-dimensional cube with 5 layers/floors——1 for each of their 5 categories of service.

By converting the icon from a 2-dimensional form to a 3-dimensional figure that gave shape the identity by zooming in on certain features.

render-cards 2.png

Web design

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Copywriting: UpHouse
Project Management: UpHouse