Type Design

Carpe DC is a weekly newsletter that highlights the people, places, and things that make Washington, DC an incredible place to live. Every Monday morning, they send out a newsletter packed with events, interviews with local entrepreneurs, and a few hidden jems. 

The identity

The Carpe Media brand is inspired by the name's origin of Carpe diem. It is a Latin phrase, usually translated "seize the day", taken from a book of the Roman poet, Horace.

To keep with the Latin origins of the name, I chose the mosaic to craft the aesthetic, and the entire identity itself. 



Every single week, I'll be creating a new fauxsaic to be used as a banner for each newsletter, as well as a mosaic on their Instagram account. 


Type Design

To accompany the articles that Carpe DC will be publishing on Medium, I created a custom typeface to be used as drop caps for each article.