Edlavitch District of Columbia Jewish Community Center




The Edlavitch DCJCC is the Jewish community's address in our Nation's Capital, providing uniquely urban educational, social, cultural and fitness programs to everyone DC community, inside and outside the beltway, with the mission of building and preserving Jewish identity.

With the rebrand, the board members, of the then DCJCC, wanted something that was more D.C. centric, open to all people, and “not too Jewish.” With that in mind, I created an icon using an ‘E’ for the Edlavitch name, stripes from the D.C. flag, and the Star of David in the negative space.


What we’ve accomplished:



The primary goal for this project was to create a single icon that would work for all 12 of center’s subsidiary organizations, and then finding a way to differentiate them from each other.

This was accomplished by assigning a unique color to each organization, that would be seen throughout their unique brand.

Beyond simple color changes, these differences can be seen in the collateral I've developed. For example, Theater J really wanted to be seen as more avant garde, so as an example for one of their seasonal program covers, I applied a black and white half-tone filter to the images. Or for the Film Festival, I turned the pieces of the EDCJCC logo into film strips.

You can see more of these differences in the products below.



For certain pieces of collateral, each organization received it's own unifying style based on its assigned color.





While a few things have changed since the new identity was introduced to the community, they've grabbed on to it and never let go.