Council of
Oxon Hill



Type Design

The Innovation Council of Oxon Hill, also known as ICOH, is a non-profit based in Oxon Hill, Maryland. With emphasis on beautification and community building, without the risk of gentrification, ICOH strives to improve the area with the native community in mind.

The Concept

Innovation is more than a new idea, a new iPhone, a lightbulb. I spent some time working to define innovation in order to craft this identity, and here's what it boils down to:

  • Innovation is a link. It's a connection. It's any person, place, thing, or idea that connects people, places, things, and time.
  • Innovation is a connect and a disconnect. A connection to the past and a disconnect from tradition. 
  • We are able to innovate because of our "link" to the past. Because innovation, partly defined as a new idea, can't take place without having something that lets us know that our ideas are new.

That's why the logo is a chain link (and an 'O' 'H' monogram).


The identity

01-icoh-cards 2.png



Type Design

The typeface is based on all components of the logo. The 'H' icon in the center of the chain link (the logo) was used to create these typographic features called ink traps. It's packed with alternates, and is perfect for posters and headlines.