Industrial Metals



Strategy (by UpHouse)

Industrial Metals is the only metal recycler that is professional grade for the stewards of scrap metal in the Prairies and Northwestern Ontario who want personalized service in an era that is increasingly automated.

District Partners Real Estate offers a focused approach to real estate representation. Their clients run the gamut from first-time home buyers to seasoned investors, and their team philosophy begins with relationship building. It’s the most common thing to hear from a Realtor of course but for District Partners, it is genuine. Regardless of the market’s ups and downs, twists and turns, its trends and challenges, they are there for our clients and our community, from start to finish.


The Identity

While also a “dp” monogram, this mark tells the story of the home buying process and all of its twists and turns. But District Partners helps you navigate through it smoothly, so that eventually get you where you want to be—Home.

170802_tre_5970 2.jpg


To accompany this idea of navigating and following a path, I've created a dotted line pattern (as seen on the folder above) and a few pieces of signage in which the logo turns into an arrow.





Since the launching the rebrand, Andre and his team have really made this identity their through some really unique marketing materials.

37917790_281151049340257_5614969616901079040_n 2.jpg