My process is like life. We go into the world hoping to find out what gives our life meaning. We search, and explore, and learn more about who we are, only to find out it was staring us in the face the whole time.  We just couldn't see it at first. Then we tell the world our story. And the rest is history.


Naming // Brand Identity // Strategy // Bespoke Type Design // Web Design //  Illustration // Packaging


on Design

  • Design is the practice of creating the world that everyone experiences but rarely sees. 
  • Custom typefaces are amazing as long as they don't look like every other typeface.
  • I don't believe in telling stories. I believe in showing the moral of the story.


Dream Projects

Rebranding Children's National Hospital // Interior designs for the Children's Hospital in D.C. // Something that will make millions of people happy (or change the world, whichever comes first) // A watch for Bell & Ross™ // A Swiss Army knife for designers // A limited edition collection for COACH™ // Anything that goes into space // Exterior graphics for an airplane // A wristwatch (moonphase preferably) or the numbers for a wristwatch