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Short Story

When I was 4, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor (about the size of a golf ball), known as Craniopharyngioma. Now, while a golf ball isn't that big, inside the head of a 4 year old, I was in excruciating pain; so much so, that I'd be found in the fetal position. I don't remember much about the surgery though. The only thing I really remember was art therapy, where I filled a plastic tube with colored sand and glued it to a wooden block that I painted green. I remember I was sad, because I wanted to make another one, but I wasn't allowed to. 

After that, I was a normal happy child. Since I couldn't make another sand block thing, I started making other things. I really enjoyed drawing. I remember in the second grade (3 years after my surgery), I kept getting in trouble for drawing in class, skateboarders mostly. And on the last day of school, we were allowed to do whatever we wanted, so I painted a Monet. It was called The Water Lily Pond.

That was the day someone realized I had potential. My teacher told my mom to put me in art class. I didn't really need them though, because I just kept drawing, and drawing, and got better on my own.

Then, in the 3rd grade, they found another tumor during a routine checkup. I remember that surgery a lot more vividly, but I'll spare you the details. In short, I remember drawing, and being in less pain when I did (a coping mechanism it's called).

After that, I finally got drawing lessons, and got really good. I drew things like busts of Venus and David, Greek columns, you know the classics. Then in the 5th grade (2 years after the 2nd tumor), I found out you could make money by drawing things, so I did a lot of that. More specifically, I graffitied peoples names on index cards and sold them for $3 a piece.

The rest is history really, until 2015 when I graduated from Stevenson University, by doing what I always did——making things.


Long Story

If you're looking for someone who designs for a living, you should look somewhere else. But if you're looking for someone who lives to design, then it's nice to finally meet you.


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Dream Projects

Rebranding Children's National Hospital // Interior designs for the Children's Hospital in D.C. // Something that will make millions of people happy (or change the world, whichever comes first) // A watch for Bell & Ross™ // A Swiss Army knife for designers // A limited edition collection for COACH™ // Anything that goes into space // Exterior graphics for an airplane // A wristwatch (moonphase preferably) or the numbers for a wristwatch