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Long Story Short

If you're looking for someone who designs for a living, you should look somewhere else. But if you're looking for someone who lives to design, then it's nice to finally meet you.



Short sTORY lONG

When I was 4, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor (about the size of a golf ball), known as Craniopharyngioma. Now, while a golf ball isn't that big, inside the head of a 4 year old, I was in excruciating pain; so much so, that I'd be found in the fetal position. I don't remember much about the surgery though. The only thing I really remember was art therapy, where I filled a plastic tube with colored sand and glued it to a wooden block that I painted green. I remember I was sad, because I wanted to make another one, but I wasn't allowed to. 

After that, I was your normal happy child. Since I couldn't make another sand block thing, I started making other things. I really enjoyed drawing. I remember in the second grade (3 years after my surgery), I kept getting in trouble for drawing in class, skateboarders mostly. And on the last day of school, we were allowed to do whatever we wanted, so I painted a Monet. It was called The Water Lily Pond.


That was the day someone realized I had potential. My teacher told my mom to put me in art class. I didn't really need them though, because I just kept drawing, and drawing, and got better on my own.

Then, in the 3rd grade, they found another tumor during a routine checkup. I remember that surgery a lot more vividly, but I'll spare you the details. In short, I remember drawing, and being in less pain when I did (a coping mechanism it's called).

After that, I finally got drawing lessons, and got really good. I drew things like busts of Venus and David, Greek columns, you know the classics. Then in the 5th grade (2 years after the 2nd tumor), I found out you could make money by drawing things, so I did a lot of that. More specifically, I graffitied peoples names on index cards and sold them for $3 a piece.

The rest is history really, until 2015 when I graduated from Stevenson University, by doing what I always did——making things.




AARP // Black & Decker // Compass // Experian // Google for Entrepreneurs // HPE // Monotype // Panasonic // United Nations & Nexus // Whole Foods Market




Très Bien // Tré B // TBD // Tré Songz // Entree // Trees // Oak // Groot // Cuba // Uncle Tré // Unicorn // Big Foot // Deeds // Van Gogh // Langston Hughes // Grandpa // Unreal Seals




  1. Working with you

  2. Rebranding Children's National Hospital

  3. Interior designs for the Children's Hospital in D.C.

  4. Something that will make millions of people happy (or change the world, whichever comes first)

  5. A watch for Bell & Ross™ (or just the numbers. I'm not greedy)

  6. A Swiss Army knife for designers

  7. A Fall/Winter collection for COACH™

  8. Anything that goes into space

  9. Exterior graphics for an airplane