UpHouse™ is located at the halfway point between outside advertising agency and a member of your in-house marketing department. They don’t minimize or replace the talent you already have. Instead, they fill in the skill gaps and offer guidance along the way.

Agencies challenge your thinking and inject a new perspective that sparks big ideas. UpHouse does that. An in-house marketing leader boosts the skills of the entire team and builds a plan for long-term success. UpHouse does that too.



For this project, the founders commissioned 3 designers from around the world to conceptualize the UpHouse identity. This is the result of my submission.



SEALS created some traditional and unique pieces of collateral to show how the identity can be used in the physical world. 


To show how the logo can be applied to illustrations, the founders requested that the logo be used to represent one of two quotes: "Who else is gonna tell you your sweater is ugly"; or "We'll be the Wilson to your Tim."

For the quote, SEALS used the logo to create an ugly sweater pattern. And for the second, we simply used the UpHouse logo (which looks amazing) compared to the regular empty house.